Teen Vaping – How To Tell If Your Kid Is Into Vaping?

Teen vaping has been referred to as an epidemic. As far as teenagers are concerned they vape with the help of Juul which looks like a small flash drive. Well, how to tell if your kids are into it? There are telling signs like restlessness, nosebleeds, irritability, and increase in thirst etc. If you come across e-cigarettes, empty pods or not so familiar USB cables then it is an indication that your kids are doing it.

Teens and smoking habits

Studies show that young people are actually aware of the risks associated with tobacco products, which is a wonderful thing. They are well aware of the long term effects of tobacco products. May be because of the same, cigarette smoking among teens is low. We have to thank the anti-smoking advocacy for the same. Research has shown that teens are disinterested in tobacco products. First and foremost, they are not impressed with the fact that it is smelly. They are also aware of the fact that it is not good for your health. Well, vaping was introduced only a decade ago. Vaping is regarded as the modern replacement for smoking. Teens like vaping, as per the studies. They have aversion only to cigarettes it seems.

Teens and electronic cigarettes

  • Well, you need to understand the fact that electronic cigarette contains as much nicotine as compared to regular cigarettes.
  • The best part of using e-cigars for teenagers is that it is easy to conceal. Since it produces little or no scent, it becomes easier for you to hide it from your family members. May be that is one reason for teenagers to prefer e-cigs over regular cigarettes.
  • Here you have the ability to mix nicotine with flavors which make it tolerable. Flavors conceal much of the discomfort that comes with it.
  • May be that is the reason why pod vapes are really popular. This has resulted in nicotine addiction among teenagers which need to be addressed. In fact, most parents are not even aware of the existence of e-cigarettes.
  • Manufacturers have come to realize that this trend exists among teenagers. They tell the public that this device is not meant for under age users. Despite that teens continue to use it.
  • The problem lies with the fact that kids are totally aware of the dangers which are associated with pod vapes. In fact, they know little about the dangers of vaping in general. So putting this entirely on the manufacturers is not the right solution.
  • Parents also can do a great deal here. Same with teachers as well. As a an adult you can talk to the teenagers about the dangers of vaping. They should at least know what they are getting into.

The developing brain

The prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain which is responsible for self-control and reason develops at last. And it happens in your teen years. Therefore e-cigarettes can be really bad for teenagers. They might be dependent on it once they start using it. Once they get used to nicotine, it might become harder for them to keep it under control.

Ever Wondered What Your Vape Juice Contains Exactly?

Vape juice a.k.a. E-Liquid is the main constituent of any vaping gadget that assists in boosting flavor and vapor production. A number of us question just what enters into making this delicious liquid that makes smoking cigarettes entirely far more enjoyable?

The four standard components of any vape juice are –

  • Propylene Glycerin (PG).
  • Veggie Glycerin (VG).
  • Nicotine.
  • Included flavorings.

Let’s discuss all these in information and how the percentage of each component impacts the e-liquids.

Propylene glycol- Using propylene glycol, typically described as PG, is to reduce the vaporization in vapes and it also produces the smoking-like experience in your throat while you breathe in.

Vegetable glycerin- The development of clouds of vapors is with the aid of this chemical element called VG.

Nicotine- Depending upon the vapers choices, the level or strength of nicotine differs. For the very first time vapers, it is much better, to begin with, a low level of nicotine and after that pave their method approximately increase the strength.

The flavorings of vape juices and e-liquids are comprised of a mix of natural and synthetic flavoring chemicals like vanillin, tobacco outright, Linalool, ethyl maltol, and malic acid.

To identify what the perfect ratio of VG/PG is, we stabilize it by keeping the rate of 50:50.

Considering that nicotine is delegated include according to individual choice, 3mg would be the ideal step to savor the vaping session.

The perfect pH level for an e-juice varies from 6 to 8.

What substances produce flavors?

  1. Vanillin

As you would anticipate, the artificial substance called vanillin provides the sweet, mellow, velvety flavor that we relate to vanilla.

Without a doubt, vanillin is the world’s most popular flavor and scent substance.

It’s heady; however, sweet notes are a particular flavor is discovered in the vanilla bean, and it’s a flavor that we find out is popular with our UK vaping consumers too.

  1. Ethyl 2-methyl butyrate

Discovered in strawberries, the substance includes the base notes and fragrances that are frequently found in berries.

Including Ethyl, 2-methyl butyrate improves the juiciness of the fruit fragrance with enjoyable apple and berry notes to the vape juice.

  1. cis-3-Hexen-1-ol and cis-3-Hexenyl acetate

The odor of newly mown yards is the odor of summer season, a strong fragrance numerous flavorings revive memories, and this is among them.

With tips of lilac, it is frequently utilized in e juices that are fruity based; however, with an additional zing of enthusiasm.