Vaping – Things You Need To Know About Open Systems

At this point, we all have to agree to the fact that vaping is a humongous industry. And it is expected to be much bigger in coming years. You will come across plenty of vaping enthusiasts online. They know everything about vaping and e-cigarettes. In case if you have a technical difficulty, you might come across one of those blogs offering solution to the problem. They are capable of answering technical questions regarding mods and everything else.

Different types of vapers

We come across different types of vapers on a day-to-day basis. You will come across many cigarette smokers who have opted for vaping. Some are still making that transition as we speak. And they have little knowledge as how this works. You will see them searching about it online looking for some basic information regarding the same. They will come across articles talking about the benefits. Some of those articles can be totally misleading as they hide all the negative aspects of vaping. In fact, they promote vaping as a healthy alternative for regular cigarettes, which is far from the truth to be honest.

Open or closed system?

As a novice, it is hard for you to find out what is best for you. You will not be able to judge it so early on. However, you will be able to amass as much information by talking to those who have expertise in it. It will take a while for you to find your footing. You can look online for more information. You can look up on the major e-cig brands in the business. This will give you lot of information.

It is important to understand the difference between open and closed systems. Let’s have a look below.

Open systems

  • Open systems allow you to refill them.
  • Open systems are known to have interchangeable and intricate parts in it.
  • Open systems can be regarded as those bulky mods. We can take examples like sticks, squonks, boxes etc.
  • These devices generally have large battery.
  • They are also known to have large tank set.


We are going to take a look at the parts first. We will start with tank and coil. You will be holding the e-juice in the tank. Tank makes it a versatile device. You will be able to refill e-liquid once you are done with it. Also, users have better control over the mixture, strength and flavor which is a great thing for sure. Next up we have coils inside the device which heats up the e-liquid. And this will make sure that the e-liquid has been turned into vapor.


Battery is an essential part of the open systems. You will find them in both variable and constant voltage. As far as the ideal voltage is concerned, there is couple of factors that come into the picture. Mostly you will find the mod batteries enclosed. You will not be able to remove them. You will be able to charge them with the help of a USB adapter. In some cases you will be able to swap the batteries.

Should I Be Worried About Second-hand Vaping?

As far as vaping is concerned, it was introduced only in 2004. We are still doing studies on the effects of vaping. We don’t have enough credible information on the bad effects of vaping yet. E-cigarettes became popular only a decade ago. Research is still going on to find out the effects of vaping on the human body. Given that there are lot of misinformation and confusion regarding vaping. But when it comes to smoking we have lot of credible information regarding the effects of it on human body. We hope to have the same clarity about vaping as well in the near future itself. As per the research, vaping is not considered to be totally healthy choice. But at the same time, smoking is considered to be worse for human body due to tobacco combustion. Here in this article, we are going to learn more about the dangers of secondhand vaping. Let’s have a look below.  We are all aware of the fact that second hand smoking can be really dangerous. It is not at all good for your health. Since there is awareness about the same, cigarette smoke in the public places has been banned everywhere. Now in the case of secondhand vaping, we have little clarity. And we are going to learn more about this below.

Understanding secondhand vaping

  • Secondhand vaping is same as secondhand smoking. Only difference is that we inhale vapor in place of smoke.
  • When you inhale vapor from the e-cigarette you exhale it after holding it in your mouth for a while. And this vapor might be in the air for few seconds and someone standing next to them might inhale it.
  • Vapers have this opinion that ban on cigarette smoking in public places should not be extended to e-cigarettes.
  • As far as vaping is concerned, you don’t produce smoke. You only produce vapor which doesn’t linger long enough for other to inhale it. So one should not be worried about secondhand vaping at all.
  • Since you don’t produce smoke bystanders have nothing to worry about. This is the argument made by the vapers.
  • However, how much weight there in this argument? We have to dig deeper to learn more about the effects of secondhand vaping.
  • We have to look into how cigarette smoking can be dangerous to your body. When you burn tobacco, you will be releasing carcinogenic particles, other chemicals and carbon monoxide into the air. These harmful chemicals are known as tar. Therefore, secondhand smoking can be really dangerous. This may result in serious health consequences.
  • In the case of e-cigs, it doesn’t produce smoke at all. And vaper doesn’t linger in the air long enough for others to inhale it. Does that mean that e-cigs are safer? Not really. Inhaling those particles can still be dangerous. But secondhand vaping is not as dangerous compared to regular smoking. With that we can conclude that secondhand vaping should not be regarded as that dangerous. However, we would like to add that studies are still being conducted on this topic and we must wait before we make a conclusive statement.